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Residential Roof Cleaning


In protecting your home, your roof plays a vital role. It is one of your biggest investments, so you understand the value of keeping it in good repair. At Ross Property Services (RPS), we know just how important your roof is. As a family-owned business and homeowners ourselves, our goal is to keep the “roof over your head” both beautiful and safe. We use a unique no-pressure soft wash process to clean your roof. We apply effective, biodegradable chemicals to safely kill all the mold, mildew, algae and underlying bacteria for a roof that looks “like new.” Call RPS for residential roof washing services today!

Roof Cleaning – Before and After


Should I DIY?

A roofing system is designed to ward off the destructive nature of the sun, rain, wind, ice and snow. It is a tough structure, shielding everything beneath, from the attic to the basement. Your roofing tiles or shingles are engineered and installed to ensure maximum stability. Disrupting the balance unknowingly can trigger a disastrous outcome. Not to mention, climbing on a roof is hazardous with the possibility of loose shingles, or even an unexpected gust of wind.

It is best to leave roof washing to the professionals with the expertise and experience to do it right.

Don’t Take the Roof Over Your Head for Granted!

damaged roof caused by frost and lack of maintenance, roof cleaning atlanta Residential Roof Cleaning Atlanta GAIf you stopped keeping up with the maintenance on your home, eventually it would be taken over by nature and collapse into the ground. Moisture and humidity would be on the front line of the attack. Your roof’s first responsibility is to direct rainwater and melting snow as far away from your home as possible.


What happens when a roof is neglected? In a humid climate like we have in Northeast Georgia, algae and mold begin to grow on the shingles or tiles. The organic growth breaks down the adhesive bonds in the roofing material, and hairline cracks develop. Each time it rains, water seeps through to the roof deck below. When it freezes, the ice forces the cracks open, creating even bigger leaks.

  • Rot sets into wooden structures
  • Toxic black mold flourishes and spreads
  • Damp insulation loses R-value
  • Drywall crumbles and caves
  • Windows and doors develop leaks
  • Dripping water shorts out electrical wiring
  • Water pools in the basement
  • Carpeting and furnishings are damaged

Roof washing removes organic growth and debris, and is the first step to ensuring the longevity of your home or rental property.

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Benefits of Roof Cleaning

professionally cleaned roof by roof cleaning

The cost to replace a roof or any structural part on your home comes with a hefty price tag. While the repairs are underway, your house will be uninhabitable. One of the many benefits of roof washing is preventing repair costs.



  • Black mold is a health hazard and potentially deadly. Once it becomes an infestation, your home could be condemned for safety reasons. A flawless roof means a dry home.
  • Once insulation accumulates moisture, its ability to keep your interior temperature stable is reduced, leading to increased energy costs. Preventing moisture saves money on home heating and cooling.
  • Organic growth on the roof looks ugly and dirty. Roof soft washing restores it to its original appearance, adding to your home’s curb appeal and market value.

In most cases, when a roof is replaced or installed, the shingles come with a warranty. The warranty is good only as long as you are proactive about maintaining your roof. This is another great benefit to roof cleaning.

Does RPS Soft Wash or Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Even though the same equipment is used for both, there is a big difference between soft washing and power washing.

Roof soft washing

This method uses less than 500 PSI for the cleaning and rinsing applications. A wider spray tip helps to reduce pressure and clean your shingles without causing damage. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are used to strip away algae and organic residue without removing the protective granules or coatings from your roofing materials.

Roof pressure washing

The pressure washing technique uses water that is under force at very high pressure. It is so high in fact, that it could cut through a finger to the bone. Special care must be taken to avoid damaging surfaces, and it is recommended only for hard materials such as concrete or stone.
At RPS, we use soft washing for your roof to carefully remove the unsightly streaks and stains caused by algae. Metal roof cleaning is sometimes done with heated water under pressure. In all cases we take every precaution to protect your roofing materials.

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